LCU Announces Awards for Master Follies 2020


Lubbock Christian University has awarded Kappa first place for their performance in this year’s Master Follies show. This is their third year to receive this award. They were also given the Special Effects award and the Spirit of Follies award. The awards were announced Saturday, February 8th after the final showing of Master Follies.

Kappa’s show was directed by sophomore Sydney Backus, a Mass Media Communications major. Sydney volunteered for the position having had previous experience with directing in high school. She said she felt driven to take the opportunity to pour something back into her club.

“Our theme was perseverance for this year,” she said. “We persevered through a lot of stuff, just of stuff that was thrown at us, people that said certain things, and these group of girls will carry that on for next year and the year after that.”

The rest of the awards were given to the following clubs: Christliche Damen received second place in the women’s division as well as People’s Choice, Alpha Chi received first place in the men’s division followed by Koinonia in second.

Each year, clubs have to choose themes for their skits to perform at the show. In the men’s division: Koinonia were wannabe outlaws struggling to be bad enough. Kyodai were dads helping out a new neighbor on the block. Sub-T was discovering the difficulties of synchronized swimming. Alpha Chi were the brothers of Prince Charming, unsure of what to do after he steals their dates.

Kappa’s members were Top Gun pilots on a mission to rescue a missing comrade. CD’s were ragdolls contemplating the differences between them and a newcomer Barbie doll. LOA were astronauts struggling with keeping their ship operational. Zeta was having a sleepover in a haunted mansion.

Mikenna Ford, a sophomore Education major, says that Master Follies is one of the best things that Lubbock Christain University does. “I really liked Kyodi’s dads,” she said. “I thought that was so funny.”

Mikenna says that everyone should take the time to go see the Master Follies as it is one of the best things that LCU does.

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