Come On! Get Loud! For LCU Cheer!


In the Fall of 2018, LCU added its newest athletic squad to the already extensive roster. Cheerleading has been known to accompany other sports since its birth in 1898. While the LCU Squad is known to be associated with basketball, it is a sweet surprise to find out that the sport has a competitive side of its own.

Cheer Competition

The LCU team is also a national competitive team led by Kayli Durham, who was a cheerleader herself at DBU. According to current and past members, the excitement around the team, isn’t just hype.

Even though they are only in their second year on campus, they have been met with excitement and acceptance from the student body. Student athletes appreciate the support from yet another group on campus other than the other student athletes. However, no one can say it better than those who have been on the team

Pride in Our Cheer Squad

Destiny Puryear, a marketing major from Lubbock Texas, says “This is the second year of LCU’s first ever competitive cheer squad, and we have acquired some amazing talent after just one year. I believe this cheer squad brings so much to LCU and will continue to do so with further years and recognition to come.”

The pride that is shared by our cheerleaders is one that is shared by the whole school. Members who may not be on the team anymore can adamantly say they were a part of something great.

Cheer Has a Huge Impact

Jadyn Killough, a Sophomore digital media arts major from Clovis New Mexico, said that “being a cheerleader at LCU impacted my college experience in more ways than I ever thought it would going into it.”

Even having only been on the squad for her freshman year, Jadyn held the team in the highest regard, going on to say that “I feel that it provided me with multiple people that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise, who have helped me through my time here so far.”

“It allowed me to appreciate the community LCU has to offer. Cheer helped me ease into college as a freshman knowing I had my team with me. And it of course gave me more school spirit.” Jadyn said.

Cheer Equals Hard Work

On or off the team, the LCU cheer team gives the school pride and the student body can appreciate how hard this new squad has worked!

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