The Triathlon Club Starts Up At LCU


Tuesday marked the first practice for Lubbock Christian University’s new triathlon club. Students kicked off the week with a biking practice at the spin room in the Rhodes-Perrin Recreational Center at 6:30 a.m.

This new club is being led by Kailin Davis from Weatherford, Texas. Kailin is a Biology major in her senior year and was formerly a basketball player for LCU.

The Future Looks Bright

Only Kailin and four other students attended the first practice, but Kailin was pleased with how the practice went. Kailin is confident that more members will start joining soon.

Several of LCU’s track athletes will most likely be joining the club’s swim practices in the near future. LCU athletic trainer Luke Craig, who helps with the men’s soccer team, has also made contact concerning the triathlon club.

When Jacob Dormier, a senior agriculture business major from Groveton, Texas, was asked how the practice went he responded, “It was pretty difficult, but also rewarding. I mean, Kailin’s a great leader.”

LCU’s Only Sports Club

Kailin initiated the formation of the triathlon club in September 2019. As of now, it is the only sports club at the university.

Because it is a club and not an official team of LCU, the maintenance of the program is up to the members. This is in a separate category from intramurals, as those are hosted and scheduled by the university. Triathlon club members are responsible for organizing events as well as finding a means to gather funds.

Kailin said Tuesday that she would be having a meeting with Josh Stephens, LCU dean of students, to make it an official club of LCU and to determine whether or not to register the club with USA Triathlon, a national triathlon organization.

If the club were registered, Kailin said, “We can compete in collegiate races against other colleges and go to collegiate nationals.”

For more information about the Triathlon Club, email Kailin Davis at


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