LCU ILT: New Track/Soccer Complex On The Way


The latest development in LCU’s on-campus renovations was announced last week: a new track and soccer athletic complex. The multimillion-dollar facility will include stadium seating, an artificial turf soccer field and an 8-lane track around the perimeter, as well as lighting for night-time games.

As a school that finds pride in its athletic programs, this addition brings joy to students and staff. For track and soccer student-athletes, the promise of new facilities adds convenience and a sense of ease to their practice and game schedules.

Sophomore track athlete Luke Henderson, a biblical text and preaching major, said, “It’ll be nice to finally be able to practice on campus, instead of relocating to other schools to practice on theirs.”

Junior Andrew Gansen, a pre-engineering major and soccer team member, said, “It’ll be great to finally play a few night games. Normally, we would play in the middle of the day, and it would get so hot it was easy for us to dehydrate. [And] we won’t have to move the games to a local high school when the weather has a forecast of rain.”

“Really,” Andrew said, “it’s just a cool point of pride for us and the school.”

The LCU interim leadership team said that by adding the complex, which should be ready for the fall 2020 season, the school should see increased student enrollment and attraction to the university. A recent email from the ILT – which is Al Roberts, Foy Mills, and Brian Starr – stated that the complex will improve campus aesthetics and security, as well as provide additional recreational space for all students.

The ILT email also mentioned where the money is coming from: “The funding for this complex is a result of matching donor interest and gifts with opportunities to enhance student recruitment.”

All in all, the LCU campus will soon have a very official-looking stadium to help increase enrollment and student pride in campus athletics.


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