How to survive Social Club Commitment Week in 5 easy tips


Most of the students going through Social Club Commitment Week are freshmen. The adjustment from high school to college can be hard. During this week, it can be even harder since you are balancing classes, a social life, SCCW activities and getting a healthy amount of rest. From experience, here is how to make it through.

Tip 1:  Get Rest

Getting enough rest is important for your mental and physical health. Find time to at leastlay down and rest throughout the day — it can really make a difference.

Tip 2: Eat Well

Nighttime during SCCW can be very long and physically exhausting. Getting a good meal before you start your night can make a major difference on how you feel throughout your night. Analya Williams, a junior from Amarillo, Texas, said, “Eating before we start our night helps me not be grumpy and sleepy towards the end of the night.”

Tip 3: Rely on Your Club

The point of SCCW is to become one with your club. Relying on your brothers and sisters during the week is important. Your pledge class colleagues are the people who will be there during some of the hardest times of your life in college. 
Your new pledge class and your club can become your best friends. When you are exhausted and really questioning how the week is going, you need to rely on your brothers and sisters in club.

Tip 4: Be a Leader 

Many people during SCCW are nervous and don’t feel 100% comfortable speaking in front of everyone. When your SCCW leader asks for someone to volunteer for something, be the person that steps up. When you volunteer, it shows your club that you can be reliable. 

Tip 5: Be Respectful 

In most clubs, there are some types of traditions that can be funny or for some be taken as a joke. With this being said, be respectful. For the clubs, these are traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. You might feel extremely silly participating in these traditions, but it is your new club and it’s what we have been doing for many many years.


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