Top Five Christmas Break To-Do’s


The semester is finally coming to an end and we are all about to head home for the holidays for around a month. The majority of our time off will likely be spent seeing family, maybe working, and doing anything but thinking about school. However, there are a lot of things we can do during this time off to help us recover from this last semester and prepare us for the next. Here are a few to-do’s for Christmas break that will help us have a more productive but also relaxing break.

Take a break and relax!

You just finished with an exhausting semester full of no sleep and lots of homework so it’s important to take some time for yourself. Sophomore psychology major Noah Horn (Stamford, TX) says, “I plan on sleeping a lot and playing some PS4.” This is just one way to take time to zone out and rest your mind.

 Get creative…

This can also be a time where you are able to get back into some of those hobbies you’ve either taken a break from during the semester or a new one you’ve been wanting to try out. Kamryn Fur (Junior, digital media arts, Lubbock, TX) told me that she’s going to spend some time this break baking with family. Baking is just one of many ways to get creative this break.

Don’t get lazy!

With all this free time it can be easy to get really lazy during the break. We can fall out of our sleep schedule, our workout routine, and especially a consistent diet. However, it’s important to not get too lazy because it will make coming back to school in the spring ten times as difficult. Senior family studies major Lindsey Mills (Midland, TX) told me, “It’s important for me to maintain my daily schedule and routine in order to stay on top of things when I start the next semester.” Don’t go through the whole break without a structured daily routine.

Be mindful of how you spend your break…

Sadly, we only get a few weeks off before we’re back to the daily grind, so it’s important to examine how we spend our break. Obviously, it’s important to visit family and spend time with them during the holidays and that is one way to spend our time on something valuable. Another way to use our time wisely can be taking time to grow. Senior humanities major Alexis Cater (Odessa, TX) explained that for her, “Taking personal time for growth and relaxation is essential. Doing mindful intentional things that don’t take your energy can keep your mood up and not stress you out.” Find something that brings goodness and joy into your life this break.

Keep your mind sharp and plan ahead!

It can be easy to let our brains get lazy and to completely avoid thinking about the next semester during break but it’s important to stay sharp. Junior pre-med major Luke Darter (Childress TX) let me know he’ll be relaxing and taking a break, but he also said, “reading a book or something to stay productive over break,” helps him stay sharp. Lindsey Mills (Midland, TX) said what helps her is using a planner to figure out her schedule for the next semester. 

Whether you’re staying in town this break it’s important to enjoy this time off and prepare for next semester. Examine how you spend your time off and make sure you use this break to its fullest potential. Relax, spend time with family, enjoy the Christmas season, but don’t forget about next semester! 

From everyone at The Duster,

 we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


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