Is Sarah Hill Your Role Model? If Not, She Should Be!


Sarah Hill was president of LCU’s Inter Club Council this last year. She has done an amazing job in her duties as ICC president, leaving what is expected to be a long-lasting legacy.

In an interview, Sarah answered questions about her time as ICC president.

Still Loving Sweet Baby Blue

Sarah expressed her love for Zeta Gamma, the social club she has been a part of and served as vice president.

“I have missed being active in Zeta,” she said, “but I chose to go inactive in order to be completely unbiased as ICC president.

“The part I miss the most is being able to see everyone at Thursday night meeting and just hanging out after. But there are still lots of opportunities to hang out outside of club.”

But Every Club is Special

Sarah has enjoyed seeing each club in its own element – in fact, it is her favorite aspect of the position.

“My favorite thing about being ICC president is that I am able to see all of the clubs and how they all have their own special characteristics,” she said.

Lessons to pass along

Sarah said she has grown so much in her time as ICC president. She learned a lot about patience, grace and understanding. She simply loves being ICC president.

“[It] is a very unique position to be in, because you get to see all of the behind the scenes of what goes in social clubs.

Sarah mentioned two specific lessons for the next president.

“I would like to pass on … that it’s important to stay organized and on top of things!” she said.

“I would also say, it is important to create relationships with each social club president, because you are working with each of them and want to see that each club thrives and feels seen.”

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