What’s up with the Caf?


Most everyone who goes to LCU has eaten in the Caf at least one semester. And if you live in the dorms, most likely you eat in the Caf two to three meals a day every day of the week. So what happens in the Caf matters – a lot – to LCU students. 

Salvador Aguirre, Director of Dining Servies.
Randal Dement, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Salvador Aguirre, director of Dining Services, and Randal Dement, vice president of Student Affairs, spoke with us about improvements this year. 

Improvements this year

 “The biggest addition this year was a soft-serve ice cream machine,” said Aguirre. “In addition to regular ice cream, we now have vanilla and chocolate soft-serve.”

Dement pointed out improvements beyond the Caf.

“There were changes to the Chap Express in the SUB,” he said. “The new display of grab-and-go items and a new cooler were installed – with the new configuration and flow of the entire area.”

“I personally like the new cooler, which is quiet and less intrusive to speaking events in the SUB,” he said.

Changes coming?

“This is a hard question as there is always something new and exciting that we want to do,” said Aguirre. “However, these types of changes come with lots of thought, conversation with students and analysis, to see if we can do it at no additional expense.” 

He added, “One change that I think would be cool will be to finally create a pizza station that matches the rest of the serving areas, primarily ’The Pentagon.’”

Don’t waste your $$

Aguirre expressed how hard it is to meet students’ expectations all the time. 

“[My pet peeve is hearing students say they can’t find something to eat in the Caf,” he said. “We have so much to offer – students are able to eat healthy in the Caf just like they are able to eat unhealthy. I personally eat on campus two times a day, Monday through Friday.” 

He urged students to get their money’s worth out of their food dollars.

“I know towards the end of the semester students get tired of coming in here to eat,” he said. “But we’re still serving the same types of foods with the same quality as we were the first few weeks of the semester. I would encourage students to take full advantage of their meal plans.” 

Your suggestions?

What improvements would you like to see in the Caf or Chap Express this coming semester? Add them in the comments section below.

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