Washington D.C. Program Opens Eyes


Senior Rita Reyes is spending her fall semester participating in the LCU Washington program as a public policies intern for LobbyIt.com. This LCU program has opened her eyes to the many good things and people in our nation’s capital.

Rita has been living in Washington, D.C. since July 20. She went early because she wanted some extra time to get into the swing of things in a new town.

From Lubbock to Washington

Not surprisingly, Rita said there’s a big difference between Lubbock and D.C.

“The biggest difference from Lubbock, Texas, [and Washington]is almost everything, haha! The people are different, the environment is different, and the culture is different,” she said. “D.C. is kind of its own little bubble, but it’s also very big and diverse.”

During Rita’s free time, she visits a lot of museums, attends networking events, works on her senior honors thesis and takes walks around the National Mall.

Lessons learned

One of the biggest eye-openers, Rita said, is that D.C. people are working to do good.

“Being in D.C. in the lobbying world, I get to attend numerous hearings. I’ve learned that people on [Capitol Hill] truly want to help” she said.

“We usually have a negative connotation towards Congress people and yes, they don’t always get it right, but they always show up and try to make the system better.”

Rita Reyes in Washington D.C.

Rita has gained so much respect for what she is doing, she plans to move to D.C. full-time after graduating in May 2020.

About the program

The LCU Washington program is a semester long-internship that allows qualified students to participate in various professional development and learning experiences. The program is offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Students receive full academic credit for their internships. Requirements include being a junior or senior with at least a 2.75 GPA There are internships for all academic majors in Washington, D.C. All students that are accepted into the program receive a scholarship that covers 80% of the program’s cost.

For more information about the LCU Washington program, contact Dr. Stacy Patty at stacy.patty@lcu.edu or Heather Howell at heather.howell@lcu.edu.


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