From A Girl: 5 TWIRP Tips


TWIRP week comes around only once a semester and it is right around the corner. With LCU being known as “love connection university,” TWIRP is a perfect opportunity to find love and work on getting that Mrs. Degree.

Here are five tips for all of the single ladies who are ready to shoot their shot this TWIRP season.

  • Shoot your shot! TWIRP is the perfect opportunity to finally ask out the boy you’ve been crushing on all year. Get your girlfriends to hype you up and then take 20 seconds of courage to ask him to be your date. TWIRP week is a great way to help control nerves, as the events are pre-planned and your friends and LCU community are all around to help lighten up the mood.  
  • Be confident! Don’t undermine your potential. Remind yourself that he is not out of your league and that whether it works out in the end or not, you can still go and have a fun time. It’s all about perspective and attitude. 
  • Don’t stress! Asking a guy to TWIRP does not mean the two of you have to date or start talking about a serious relationship. TWIRP is fun and informal! TWIRP is a great way to build new friendships and lifelong relationships. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself.
  • Be adventurous! The fun thing about TWIRP week is that you aren’t stuck with the same date every night. Pick a new guy as your date each night (if you aren’t deadset on one guy). This can help to continue to build new relationships and make for a new and interesting time at each event. 
  • Have fun! TWIRP is a fun week full of fun events. Go out and enjoy yourself and make memories with your date and friends that will last a lifetime. College only happens once. Don’t take for granted the opportunities given to spend time in fellowship and in community. 

In the end, whether you go to the events with a date or not, TWIRP is a great opportunity to enjoy fellowship and surround yourself with wholesome community. Happy TWIRPING! 


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