Senior-Directed Plays Tell Stories of Love and Loss


The Lubbock Christian University Theatre Department is bringing three short plays to campus this fall, each directed by a senior theatre major. Performances will be Friday, Dec. 6, in the CDC Theater on campus.

The shows are each unique in its own way, from romantic comedy to dramatic tales of woe. 

“Almost Maine”

Written by John Caiani, “Almost Maine” will be directed by senior theatre education major and psychology minor Ellysa Reeves. It is a romantic comedy that centers around a single night in the small town of Almost, right outside of Maine. The play consists of several short stories of the happenings in this small town of Almost, and the budding relationships that happen all in one night. 

“It’s a story about love and every aspect of it,” said director Reeves  “Falling in love, being vulnerable, risking it all, and being afraid. And it’s super relatable because everyone has been in a situation like the ones in the play.” 

With a multitude of star-crossed lovers – from a man who doesn’t feel pain, to life-long friends becoming something more — “Almost Maine” presents audiences stories of love and loss, all through both laughter and tears.


“Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe” was written by Johnathan Christenson and will be directed by Jessi Isbell, a senior theatre major from Post, Texas. The show is a partially fictional take on the life of famous author Edgar Allen Poe and the many highs and lows of his life, from his secretive love life to the deep psychological pit that his writing comes from. 

“I think it’s a really cool show that will leave the audience shocked and confused in the best kind of ways,” said cast member and junior communications major Mackenzie Boaz.

For a fictional look into the dark and mysterious past of the infamous troubled writer, “ Nevermore” proves to be a play that fulfills the style of writing Poe strove to use in his life.

“Ordinary People”

“Ordinary People,” written by Judith Guest and adapted for the stage by Nancy Pahl Gilsenan, will be directed by senior theatre major Clayton Henriksen. “Ordinary People” follows the life of Conrad Jarrett and his struggles as a young man among other ordinary people, and all the things in life that come with the struggle. Between relationships and family, Conrad will go through a journey of self-discovery. 

“It tells a story about ordinary people dealing with extraordinary adversity,” said Henriksen. “It makes me feel at peace, and gives me hope.”

You can see all three of these shows for no charge on Friday, Dec. 6 in the CDC Theatre. Students, faculty, and staff will enjoy these stories of love, stories of loss, and stories of life told on stage through fellow students here at LCU.


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