Professor of the Week: Shenai Alonge-Moore


Many students of Shenai Alonge-Moore say she is an inspiring English professor here at LCU. For over a decade, her love for writing, teaching freshmen and African American literature/ culture has endeared her into many hearts.

Shenai Alonge-Moore

Love of Academia

Some people cannot wait to get out of school, but it was not that way for Alonge-Moore. That’s what led her to teaching.

“I love academia, [but]I couldn’t be student forever. It was a way to continue to learn, and to hopefully inspire others to love it as well.”

Favorite Classes

Alonge-Moore loves ENG 1301 – freshman English – so much, which many of her colleagues do not understand. They would view it as the class you have to teach when you start in the Humanities department to pay your dues.

However, she sees it as a change to watch “her babies” grow and bloom as they figure out where they are. She can see growth in hope in their future as writers and she thoroughly enjoys that.

“I love interacting with students when they are in the in-between stages of high school and adulthood,” she said.

Another of her favorite classes is African American literature and culture. She said she gets to introduce students to new ideas and watch them grow in how they view the world. She loves to bring awareness to the culture that surrounds us that is not so often understood.

Favorite Seasons

Alonge-Moore loves winter and the cold weather it brings. She enjoys the clothes and the colors of the changing season. Winter is her happy season, which is not most people’s attitude.

“I love winter,” she said. “I love cold weather, it makes me happy. When we have several grey days in a row and the sun comes out it makes me sad. Winter weather feels like a big cardigan or a warm blanket!”

In Her Free Time

Alonge loves watching football, especially college football. Her favorite college team is LSU, and her favorite NFL team is the New Orleans Saints.

Another of her favorite hobbies is reading. She loves to read African American IA novels in her spare time, what little of it she has with her family life and her career her at LCU.

Don’t Worry About What ‘They’ Think

Alonge-Moore said the one thing she’d change about her past applies to all of the things she wished she would have done differently.

“I wished I had worked harder to not worry about other people’s perceptions of me or their opinions of me,” she said. ““I wish that I would have taken the opportunity to make that change earlier in life rather than now.”

“There is so much more freedom now,” she said.

You Need To Know This

Above all else, Alonge-Moore wants every student to know that grades do not define their worth and value.

“You still need to work hard,” she said, “but your value lies in much greater things than those.”

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