Professor of the Week: Don “Doc” Williams


Dr. Don Williams, also known as “Doc,” has been a member of the Lubbock Christian University family for over 50 years. Last spring he made it official that he was retiring. But he’s not done teaching at LCU.

“As an adjunct, I will be eligible to teach two classes a semester,” Doc said, as I sat down and talked with him about his time at LCU.

Man of many retirements

Dr. Don “Doc” Williams, left, at one of his “retirements,” with former LCU President Tim Perrin.

Doc began his career at LCU as a student, then returned in 1968 to teach as a professor of theatre arts. In 1982, he became dean of the communication/fine arts department.

Through the years Doc has ”retired” several times.

“I served for 20 years as the dean,” he said. ”When I stepped down, they gave us a retirement party, though it wasn’t really a retirement.”

In truth, each retirement was more of him taking a step back to better focus on teaching in communication and fine arts. For example, Doc recently directed “Once Upon a Mattress” with fellow theatre professor and current dean Dr. Laurie Doyle. Doc taught Dr. Doyle during her time as an LCU student.

Man of devotion

Doc Williams meets backstage with Clayton Henriksen, a senior theatre major from Overland Park, Kansas.

As a man of great talent and experience, Doc has been offered many different opportunities to teach at different schools over the years. But he has stayed loyal to LCU and its students.

“I turned down two or three offers to go elsewhere, but I enjoyed the students here, and I love the university so much that I stayed put.”

Man of many shows

When asked about some of the favorite shows he has directed at LCU, Doc struggled.

“It’s hard to pick the best, but I did enjoy the first musical Dr. Doyle and [I] did as a team, which was ’Tintypes” back in 1985,” he said.

He also expressed how he enjoys each year’s show differently, as they bring new students and new experiences to the department.

It appears LCU can continue to look forward to seeing Don “Doc” Williams, as he continues to teach and mold both students and faculty here at LCU for the foreseeable future.


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