My Take: LCU Students Want Answers


LCU is a wonderful place — many people will tell you they love it till they’re blue in the face (pun intended). But like most beautiful things in life, LCU has its quirks. 

With our school’s best interests at heart, here’s what I found people wondering about through a recent informal survey. We have faith in our LCU administration, and The Duster staff will be looking into future articles regarding these issues. 


Let’s talk about those parking spaces (or lack thereof)! It’s no walk in the park to find a spot, and truthfully, if you don’t give yourself at least 10 minutes prep time, it’s probably closer to a stroll on the beach – OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN! 

So maybe I’m being dramatic, but the lack of parking spaces is an inconvenience at times. There is also word of a new addition to the music building right beside the McDonald Moody Auditorium, where one of the parking lots is. This begs a couple of questions: 

· Where will students park with even more limited options than before? 

· In light of the parking struggle, why are students expected to pay tickets on top of already sky-rocketing tuition? 

Chap Desk 

You saw this coming – shucks, even Chap Desk employees saw this coming – but why is it that students are always receiving emails about updates that seem to be for naught? 

There are constantly troubles connecting to the Web Print and Student Portal specifically, and the school wi-fi in general. Granted, technology is not easy to work with, but it becomes a big problem when students aren’t able to turn in assignments because the internet is slow, or they can’t register for classes because the portal is down. 

When will the madness end Chap Desk? 

Other concerns 

Why ON EARTH does LCU Starbucks never seem to have what the people want? How are students supposed to feed their caffeine addictions if there is not a single espresso bean to be had? 

Chap Store: Is 20% off really a bargain on a $60-plus dollar sweater? (My wallet thinks not.) 

Our real focus 

At the end of the day, all these things are material and we’re humbled by the realization that God should be our focus. He will have even the smallest of our problems under control.


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