From A Guy: TWIRP is the Greatest Thing at LCU, Almost


With TWIRP week 2019 approaching fast, maybe you’re one of the many freshmen or transfer students wondering what in the world it is. As it turns out, TWIRP week is one of the most exciting events of the fall semester, as it allows for girls to take on the untraditional role of initiating a date. 

But the event is not just for women brave enough to take that step and ask that special someone.

Skyler Richardson, a senior history major from Ropesville, Texas, said, “We want everyone to remember that the events are not just for couples. Grab your friends and come enjoy the evening with us!”

The schedule

TWIRP week follows a simple path with one event planned for each day of the week through Thursday:

Monday evening: You can ask your date out to the showing of “Monsters University” in the Student Life Building  6 p.m. This could be the ideal easygoing first date between you and that special person.

Tuesday evening: You can then follow it up the next evening by taking him to a fun skate night at the Roll Arena 6-8 p.m. You can take this opportunity to get more acquainted with your potential significant other in the relaxed atmosphere of a roller-skating arena.

Wednesday evening: A carnival will be on campus 8-9 p.m. followed by a campuswide devotional. Take your date to the carnival and get lost in conversation as you walk around, seeing all the fun games and various attractions, followed by a to connect with them on a spiritual level, along with the rest of the student body. 

Thursday evening: Finally, wrap up the week with a bang by showing your date your competitive side as you engage in a student-body Nerf war in the Rec 6-8 p.m. This is the perfect setting to show off your marksman skills, or lack thereof, while at the same time having a blast trying to tag your classmates with every single precisely placed Nerf dart. It is sure to be an exciting conclusion to TWIRP week.

Still on the fence?

If you’re still thinking to yourself, “Should I ask them out?!” maybe you should, because in the words of Josh Starr, a senior economics and finance major from Lubbock, Texas, “TWIRP is like Sadie Hawkins, but on steroids. It’s the greatest thing LCU has to offer, other than national championships for women’s sports!” 

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