Why Does LCU Emphasize Title IX?


As a student at LCU, odds are you have heard the words ”title nine” while on campus, probably several times.

What is Title IX? How is it handled? And why should you care? These are important questions because Title IX requirements affect the school and your life at LCU. 

Dean of Students Josh Stephens addressed these questions and others in a recent interchange.

The Foundations of Title IX

Title IX is federally mandated. It was originally put in place to make sure that there was the same number of collegiate sports for women as men.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) spells out Title IX:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

Over the past few years, Title IX has evolved to include sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

Why is Title IX Heavily Enforced?

Josh explained how LCU looks at the requirements.

“Title IX is kind of like the minimum of where we want to be as an institution of higher education,” he said. ”But as a faith-based institution, we don’t want to reach the minimum — we want to be above that.

Josh said that LCU trains students about Title IX through freshman orientation and in the University Seminarcourse. All freshmen are required to go through training their first year. Faculty and staff are required to take online training every year.

It’s really about how we treat each other, Josh said.

“So in how we treat people and how we value people, as believers of Jesus, let’s treat people like they’re valuable creations of Christ,” he said. 

The Importance of student involvement with Title IX

Josh highlighted the importance of student safety on campus. 

“A student’s safety on our campus is paramount to us. We want them to feel safe. We want them to know that they are safe here.”

A big part of that is being willing to step up.

“If you see or hear of a friend or a classmate who is in an abusive situation, or a situation that is very controlling where it may seem like there is sexual assault, sexual violence, mental or verbal abuse, or physical abuse, tell us,” Josh said. “Tell us so we can talk to that person and provide them the resources that are there to help them deal with that.”

How to Report Title IX incidents at LCU?

The LCU Student Handbook gives details
about reporting Title IX violations. Click here.

The LCU Student Handbook explains in full detail how to deal with and report Title IX. You can report violations to any faculty or staff member, as well as to Kecia Jackson, who is the school’s Title IX coordinator. 

Josh said that if you are involved in an incident there are plenty of resources on campus that you can go for help. Student Affairs, the LCU Medical Center, Public Safety, and the LCU Counseling Center can work as a team to make sure that you or the affected person are ok. 

The point is to work together to make Lubbock Christian University an even more safe place to learn and grow.


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