Wednesday Night Devo: Affecting more than just LCU


In the extremely stressful life of a college student, a time to come together with our peers in worship and devotion is something we all could use. Here at Lubbock Christian, that opportunity is given to us weekly in the form of ICC Devo.

Every Wednesday night, students from all over campus meet in the Student Life Building for ICC Devo, a student-led devotional that has become an important tradition on our campus.

Touching lives on campus

During this time, students are led in a time of worship before hearing a message from one of the many students and student athletes that call our campus home. It is a time for community on our campus that has touched the lives of many students throughout the years.

Luke Darter, a junior biology major from Childress, Texas, said ICC devo has improved his time here at LCU.

“ICC Devo has impacted me by allowing me to grow closer to people that I otherwise never would have come into contact with,” he said. “It has allowed me to grow spiritually by challenging me from my peers.”

Touching lives beyond campus

But the most surprising part about our on-campus devotional time is the impact that it has had on students from other areas of Lubbock.

Grady Woodul, a sophomore kinesiology major at Texas Tech from Ruidoso, New Mexico, spoke about how ICC devo has impacted his transition to Lubbock, despite him attending a different university.

“Devo has allowed me to join a different community of faith that I may not always experience at Tech, which is a comforting feeling,” he said. “It has also improved my college life because of the students who are there for the same reason I am, to grow in my faith.”

ICC devo has also meant a lot to Grady’s brother Kyler, a junior kinesiology major at Tech.

“Devo has turned into one of my favorite things of the week,” he said. “It gives me an opportunity to hang out and worship with a group of people that I would hardly be able to connect with at Tech.”

Here at LCU, our greatest focus is building our community in the love of Christ. Wednesday Night Devo has become one of the driving forces in that mission due to its focused organization group, and people from all over Lubbock who choose to make devo a regular part of their week.


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