Professor of the Week: Dr. Kregg Fehr


Dr. Kregg Fehr, visiting professor of history in the Honors and Humanities programs, is a beloved professor who continuously  captures the hearts and minds of his students

Dr. Kregg Fehr: Honors College, Humanities

How did you end up being a professor?

I learned about Dr. Fehr from my sister. When she came home during breaks she would bring her laundry and stories about her professors. Ninety percent of the time, the stories were about Dr. Fehr. Through this interview you’ll catch a glimpse of why.

“I was always going to teach.” Dr. Fehr said. No matter what subject he was learning, majoring in or pursuing a degree in, he said that he was always going to end up as a teacher.

Dr. Fehr received his first degree in geology, but through some classes in his masters he realized that he loved history. 

“History was where I needed to be, and I never looked back!” he said.

What is your favorite class to teach?

Dr. Fehr contemplated a few classes he has taught over the years. He thought of “The Conspiracy Theories” class, “The First Ladies” class and “The Cold War” class. 

He realized, however, that his favorite class is always the “new” one. Whatever is his newest subject is his favorite, because it gives him a new perspective for all of his older classes

What is your favorite genre of books?

Dr. Fehr said that rather than loving a specific genre of literature, he loves certain emotions of books. He looks for the emotional extremes. Either the happy or extremely dark books are the ones he loves. The happy books are very similar to his outlook, and the dark ones are the very opposite.

For instance, he enjoys Cormac McCarthy and his dark works because they are so opposite to who Dr. Fehr is. He enjoys “The Hobbit” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” because they are what he calls happy literature. 

Dr. Susan Blassingame, dean of the school Dr. Fehr teaches in, suggested that he read “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck. Dr. Fehr was mesmerized by it. He said that it was life changing, describing it as grey and definitely not how he looked at the world. That book made him explore a world that he did not consider. He said that it is one of the most important books that he has ever read, but one that he will never read again. 

And your favorite season?

“Fall,” said Dr. Fehr, without hesitation. 

He loves fall because it is a transitional season. In fact, he sends “Happy Fall Eve” messages on social media and to his family and friends. 

He provides a long list of qualities that make fall best:

  • Cooler days 
  • Perfect temperatures  in the early evening
  • Smells of the season
  • Warmth of the colors 
  • Fireplaces lit up throughout the neighborhood
  • Geese 
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving 

He thinks of Thanksgiving as the peaceful holiday. It is easier for him to reflect with reverence towards God in that holiday, as opposed to the crazy Christmas season. 

What he likes about Halloween is that it is a community holiday unlike anything else. 

“When else are strangers going to come up to your door and ask for candy, and you give it to them?” Dr. Fehr says.

Favorite tie?

Dr. Fehr loves being formal! He is much more comfortable in a tie than out of one. Many people like coffee to get them ready for their day, but Dr. Fehr said that the putting on of his tie gets him ready for the day.

His wife has even found him doing garden work with a tie on.

His favorite tie is either the tie that social club Kappa Phi Kappa gave him on the tenth anniversary of being a club sponsor, or a particularly unique tie that he had his daughter give to Josh Wheeler. 

What is one thing you would have done differently?

“Do more.” Dr. Fehr said. 

He figures that later in life he is going to regret the things that he did not do, rather than the things that he did foolishly. 

“When you have an opportunity to do something and are afraid, do it.” Dr. Fehr said. 

He repeated what J.R.R Tolkien’s character Gandalf says in “The Lord Of The Rings”: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Do what you are afraid you cannot do. Take the chance. Be brave in how you live life, not only as a college student, but as a Christian as well.

Live boldly,” said Dr. Fehr, “and follow the standards that this school has set for us: Belong. Believe. Be Blue.”

Do you have your own favorite stories about Dr. Fehr? Add them and perhaps your own perspective about “doing more” in the comments section below.


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  1. I have a unique opportunity to share something with Dr. Fehr every year… Our birthday! My freshman year here, he decided to take a picture with each of his students that shared his birthday (a total of 4 of us that year!) and he split up the day equally, with each of us getting 6 hours with him on his Facebook profile picture! I was so excited and felt so special that I had my family back home look him up when it was my turn! He has such a gift for making students feel special and important.

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