Professor of The Week: Amy Shero


By Austin Brewer

If you go to LCU and haven’t met Amy Shero, you are missing out.

From being in charge of The Rec and its staff, to being a professor for activity courses (such as rock climbing, jogging and weight training) to teaching personal fitness and wellness, Director of Rec Life Amy Shero from Crowell, Texas, manages a busy life. Those who know her say she puts her all into everything she does and helps inspire the students of LCU to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

A short visit with Ms. Shero shows why she is the favorite professor of many students.

What’s the best part about working at LCU?

“Definitely the people. I love my co-workers and I love that I get to interact on such a personal level on a daily basis with the students.”

Why did you choose to be in the health and fitness field?

“It‘s just something I’ve always been passionate about. My grandpa had triple-bypass surgery when I was a teenager and died just a few short months after, in part due to not having access to a rehab facility. So originally I wanted to work in rural cardiac rehab for that reason. I have a master’s in clinical exercise physiology, so eventually I’d like to get back there, but this job opened up and I really feel like I’m in my element.”

What is it like to be a professor and in charge of Rec Life?

“I tell people this all the time, but I really feel like I have the best job. I love that I get to have constant contact with students not just in the rec/play setting, but in a classroom setting as well. I really get the best of both worlds and I love it.”

Assistant Director of Rec Life Cade Powell echoed the general opinion about Ms. Shero, from an employee’s viewpoint.

“[Amy] has a great way of providing supervision and guidance while still allowing me space to do my job,” he said. “She backs my ideas, hears my concerns, and does whatever she can to support me, my career and my family.”

Summing up everyone’s opinion of Ms. Shero, Cade said he is grateful for who she is and the work she does daily here at LCU.

Amy Shero pictured above.


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