My Take: Top 5 Horror Movies


With Halloween this week, there are lots of good horror movies to watch if you feel like staying in for the night. 

I have seen many, many horror movies and always come back to these five to watch. Each of them has either a good twist at some point in the movie or an ending that no one was expecting. 

Warning, the following list contains quasi-spoilers, so read with caution. 

  • “Get Out” – A black guy is dating a white girl and they decide to visit her family for the weekend. The family later has guests for a “reunion” where everyone is giving the guy special treatment and constantly asking him questions. He later learns that the group conducted a silent auction to see who would get to take over his body by having their brain removed and put into his head. Does he get out?
  • “Silence Of The Lambs” – A young detective named Clarice has been given the case to find a serial killer named Buffalo Bill. The killer leaves a butterfly in the mouths of his dead victims as his calling card. The detective seeks information from a serial killer behind bars known as Hannibal Lecter. With the help of Mr. Lecter, she finds Buffalo Bill, and then … .
  • “The Conjuring 2” – It’s 1977 and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine are asked to come to London to help a family who thinks their house is haunted by evil spirits. The youngest daughter starts to show that she is possessed, so the investigators have their work cut out for them.
  • “IT” – The “IT” series is about an evil being that visits a certain town every 27 years. The being usually takes the form of a scary clown and it finds out what each character truly fears. Can the brave town inhabitants destroy “IT” once and for all?
  • “The Nun” – A young nun named Romania goes to an abbey terrorized by a demonic nun. Romania and a priest do everything in their power to get to the bottom of the evil and help the remaining nuns in the abbey. The end of the movie finds them defeating the demonic nun. They think. This leads us to the Conjuring movies.

These movies were not put in any specific order. They all have great backstories, so if you haven’t seen some of them AND YOU LIKE TO BE SCARED, then sit down and watch them in your free time. But maybe not alone.


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