My Take: 5 Ways to Pass a College Exam


Worried about midterm exams? I read an article recently with tips college students can use to pass an exam. Here are the five that work best for me.

  • Start studying early

I have learned that it helps me the most to begin studying around a week before the test. This way you can allow yourself to do a little bit each night instead of cramming the night before. 

  • Make flashcards 

When I write things down especially when it is a definition of something, flashcards help me the most. Once I have learned a word I put it aside and focus on the terms I don’t know. This creates a “feel good” type of feeling because I get to take cards away that I already know making the pile smaller. 

  • Use a whiteboard  

Just recently I have started using white boards to help me study because most of my tests are short answer/essay types of questions. Writing over and over on the board helps me remember terms and theories better. It is also quick and easy to erase and start over.

  • Do extra

I personally am a slow learner and that’s okay, but I have to usually do the extra problems in the book or rework my homework problems for repetitiveness in order for it to stick in my brain. It takes more time but when it comes test time, I know that I am prepared for any type of problem to be asked.

  • Reward yourself

As I use one of these four methods, I reward myself after getting something right. Whether that’s a study break, a snack, or some sort of drink. It works!

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