10 Tips for a Less Stressed Semester


Most college students experience stress at some point each semester, and it’s easy to want to give up. However, experienced students say you can take action to lessen the blow 

Joequle Harris, a senior education major who has lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas, shared five tips from his experience as a college student. 

Tip #1: Make friends 

“Get to know people in your classes! Nothing can make classes easier than studying and growing with people who are going through the exact same material as you,” Joequle said. 

Tip #2: Get sleep 

“Go to sleep at night,” he said. “Underclassmen tend to brag about staying out/up until 4 a.m. every night, then wonder why grades begin to slip in early October.” 

Tip #3: Take a (short!) nap 

“Power naps also go a long way. A 20-minute nap between classes can go a lot further than a two-hour nap. Refresh yourself enough to keep pushing,” said Joequle. 

Tip #4: Find what’s free 

“Find inexpensive things to do,” he said. “Money matters to college students … figure out the free things going on, so that you can enjoy yourself while helping your wallet.” 

Tip #5: Clean up 

The last tip from Joequle might be the hardest for the normal student: “Keep your living space clean; a clean room means more space for productivity.” 

Charlie Boley is a senior history major from Oak Point, Texas. She provided five more self-care tips, some of which she learned the hard way. 

Tip #6: Make a plan 

“Don’t be me – start assignments the day they’re assigned. Make a plan, then break it down into steps,” Charlie said. 

Tip #7: Say no sometimes 

“Don’t be afraid to say no” she said. “Even if your friends are going out, if you have homework you need to do, stay in and do it.” 

Tip #8: Eat! 

“Make sure to eat,” said Charlie. 

Tip #9: Brush! 

“Brush your teeth!” she said. “Even if your hair is done and you’re still in your pajamas, at least brush your teeth. Not doing that can lead to worse health problems.” 

Charlie’s last tip was to use all the resources of LCU. “Go to counseling,” she said. “Overall, just take care of yourself.” 

Tip #10: Use the counseling center 

Simply put, self-care is crucial to success in classes as well as getting things done. These voices of experience say go for a blessed semester, rather than a stressed semester. For further information and support, check out the LCU Counseling Services & Relaxation Lab.


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