Talents, Community On Display at Labor Day “Open Mic”


Talents, Community On Display at Labor Day “Open Mic”

By Austin Mowell

On Sunday night of Labor Day weekend, many LCU students made their way to the field in between Johnson Hall and the Ling Science Center. Some came to watch, and some came to showcase their various talents in the annual JH Open-Mic Night. 

This event has become a staple of Labor Day weekend at LCU over the last three years, said Cade Killough. The Residence Life staff puts it on at the beginning of every year to usher in the freshmen, but also to let some students show off their talents.

This year, senior Austin Worley spent the night on the mic, changing the entire event by providing quality crowd interaction throughout the evening. Alongside Worley’s MC skills, several RAs performed throughout the show, including a truly moving performance from Cade Killough and Ethan Fulton with a mashup of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and Cody Jinks’ “Loud and Heavy.”

Making it personal

While many people would choose to perform cover songs during an event like this, an  amazing aspect of this year’s show came from several students who performed their own songs.

Junior Kristal Wight brought the crowd three inspiring original songs. Sophomores Bo Franklin and Colin Monroe each performed deeply personal songs about dealing with heartbreak and dealing with depression, respectively.

Using talents, building community

Sophomore Ethan Curtis voiced what “Open Mic Night” means to him: “As someone who loves to perform in front of people, JH open mic night is an awesome opportunity to use my talents. It is such a fun experience, especially on the audience side. LCU is full of talented people and it’s truly incredible to have time to enjoy each other’s gifts and just relax! By far one of my favorite campus events!” 

With so many students still adjusting to being back at school for another semester, and all the freshmen who are here for the first time, on-campus events seem to be crucial to building community.

“This event has been a staple for LCU Res Life over the past couple of years, and I don’t think it is going away anytime soon!” said Cade Killough.


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