Intramural sports big part of LCU life


Intramural sports are a staple for Lubbock Christian University’s campus community. The kick-off of the fall intramurals season this past weekend means it is time to jump in, whether as a player or a spectator.

Jodi Bullock is an athletic training major from Lubbock and the intramurals director for social club Zeta Gamma. She said that intramurals help you stay in shape, have fun, and take time out of your busy schedule to relax with friends.

“A lot of people do not do college sports,” she said, “but they still enjoy sports, and intramurals is a way to connect, and to learn and grow in community.”

Jodi said playing with Zeta Gamma club members helps her learn more people in her club draw closer to them on a deeper level.

Even if you’re not in a club, Jodi said you can find a group of friends and start an intramurals group of your own.

Not a player? Your friends need you!

Not everyone can do intramural sports, but there are benefits of watching your friends participate.

“It’s enjoyable to sit and relax and watch all the excitement,” Jodi said. ”In my experience, having people cheer you on makes a big difference!”

Jodi encourages everyone to participate in intramurals at some point. The first sports that Zeta will play are dodgeball, which will be played in the Rec, and flag football, which will be played at the intramural fields near the Rec. For more information about LCU intramural sports, go to the LCU IM Leagues site, or contact Assistant Director of Recreational Life Cade Powell at And for some great pics, check out the LCU Intramurals Facebook page.


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