BLUR Starts Semester With Passion and Power


Last week, LCU students and others gathered Thursday for a great turnout to kick off the semester with BLUR, a student worship experience held twice a semester.

Josh Wheeler and Best Friends, LCU’s award-winning a cappella group, lead an impactful worship session to begin the evening, and David Fraze preached a powerful sermon. As an associate professor of youth and family ministry,  Fraze has a passion for youth ministry and for following the Lord and serving others, as well as being a part of the growth of Lubbock Christian University.

“The thing that most excites me about LCU is that we have the vision to grow—and not just to grow, but to grow the right way,” Fraze said. “We have a second wind in our sails, a vision of the kind of university that we want to be as we grow.”

Fraze’s sermon pointed to the power of God and its originality. He shared stories of how the Lord worked through his life and used these stories to prove that no matter how much pain a believer goes through, they will never be alone.

Through his testimony, Fraze pointed to the importance of having a relationship with Christ and the fact that there is more than ample much evidence pointing toward the authenticity of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

He also reminded the audience that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to earn their way into heaven, as we accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

“It is all Christ and what He has done for us,” he said.

It was a powerful message that served as a great way to kick off the school year.


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