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Have you heard about Chap Radio? You might be thinking that only certain people could work on the radio airwaves. But LCU offers students the chance to host their own radio shows and even bring friends along to co-host.

You first want to meet with Kelsea Johnson, the manager of Chap Radio. Kelsea is a junior majoring in mass media, from Fort Worth, Texas. You can also meet with Dr. Shawn Hughes, a professor in the communications department. He offices in the CAA building across the hall from the radio station.

Every Wednesday at 10 a.m., Kelsea teaches students how to work the broadcasting equipment. It’s an easy process to learn, so you can start hosting your own radio shows in no time. You’ll be taught how to ramp and fade songs, how to speak like a true radio pro and what that board full of buttons does.

As a host, you can talk about most topics you might think are interesting and bring your friends in as co-hosts to make it more fun. You pick your own songs to play and have the freedom to set up your show however you feel most comfortable.

This is something every LCU student should seriously consider since anyone can do it for free, and it offers a great experience.

Questions? Contacut Shawn Hughes (shawn.hughes@lcu.edu) or Kelsea Johnson (kjohnson1501@lcu.edu) to answer your questions and get you on the radio as soon as possible.


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