Sub T-16 remembers F.W. Mattox


The men of Sub T-16 have something special planned for the campus of Lubbock Christian University. The fraternity is currently in the process of constructing a memorial statue for the university’s founding president, Dr. F.W. Mattox.

According to fraternity leaders, LCU’s Sub T-16 alumni began this project with the intent of representing the legacy and significance of the fraternity at LCU. Mattox was a Sub T-16 member (or “Subber”) at Harding University, a sister institution of LCU also affiliated with Churches of Christ.  He established the third chapter here in the early 1960s. To LCU Subbers, Mattox is seen as the original member of the campus fraternity and pioneer of the university.

This is a photograph of the clay model, which is approximately 18 inches tall. The actual statue will be eight feet tall and placed on a pedestal.

Current Skipper Austin Moreno, an ESS major from Georgetown, Texas, said the statue honors a legacy.

“This means a lot to us historically. We come from a long line of Subbers dating back almost 100 years,” he said. “Without Mattox, we wouldn’t have what we have right now. The Subbers before us wouldn’t have those relationships that they cherish either.”

Subbers have kept everything about this project unique, including restricting fundraising to current and past members. For a little over a year now, funding for the project has been steadily on the rise and nearing completion.

Plans for the statue were revealed during the 2019 Homecoming Chapel. It was announced that the memorial would consist of some key features to represent Mattox’s dedication to the fraternity and university. The statue is scheduled to arrive in the 2109-2020 school year.

For more information, email Austin Moreno.


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