You should never miss BLUR


LCU held its second BLUR of the spring 2019 semester April 15. The student-led worship event used a different format this time, with many students responding positively.  BLUR was held inside of the LCU Moody Auditorium at 8 o clock Monday night.

LCU group Best Friends leads worship during this month’s BLUR event.

Mason Robins, a freshman criminal justice major from Lubbock, Texas, said that this was the best BLUR he has attended in his short time here at Lubbock Christian University.

Unlike most BLURs, there wasn’t one main speaker. The BLUR Committee decided to use a video which highlighted the events that led up to Jesus’ persecution. There were also students in the video reading from the Bible about the subjects discussed by the narrator.

LCU’s 9-person a cappella ensemble, Best Friends, led the worship portion of BLUR. It was amazing. You could tell the group had watched the video prior to selecting songs, because every song was in line with what the narrator and students in the video were talking about.

Cade Throgmorton, a sophomore history major from Canadian, Texas, was one of the many students in attendance. He said, “This BLUR was the best one that I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to every single one since I got to LCU my freshman year.”

If you get a chance to go to BLUR next semester, I highly recommend it.


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