Movie Review: Shazam!


What if you had superpowers?

This wacky idea is explored from a 12-year-old’s perspective in the new “Shazam,” which came out this month. The movie is directed by David Sandberg and introduces an original superhero to the mix, and a brand-new style for DC.

This new style fits perfectly for the entire family, giving a great message about working as a family, yet it still provides action, great humor and even a warming feeling at times. 

The movie introduces us to Billy, a foster kid trying to find his place in the world. As he is forced into joining a family filled with other orphans, Billy continues with his search for his birth mother. In the process of running from his conflicts, a subway teleports Billy to a champion who gives him various powers. Billy struggles to get used to his new super abilities and struggles even more with his teenage life. His now step-brother helps Billy through his unusual problems, yet their friendship is tested as time goes on. All this happens while a villain is in the making, planning on taking Shazam’s powers and wanting to claim himself superior.

I was extremely entertained by the movie. It had a great balance between action, humor and family moments. It didn’t feel like the story dragged on because they never added “fluff” to the main storyline. It did feel like two hours by the end, but it wasn’t anything crazy. The movie helps you think through the concept of having super powers, which is perfect for the kids.

I wasn’t expecting the movie to go the way it did, but I am glad it didn’t. It was way better than what I had imagined. The movie itself was pretty easy to follow — there are a few parts here and there that only die-hard fans will get, but it will still be enjoyable for most.

Overall, a great movie for the entire family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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