LCU’s Got Talent with Ethan Curtis


This spring LCU hosted its third annual talent show, “LCU’s Got Talent,” in which students with great acts and unexpected talents compete against one another. Winning the show proves to be a challenge, yet offers the great reward of $500.

Ethan Curtis, a freshman from Vernon, Texas, majoring in youth and family ministry, was the big winner. 

What’s it take to get on stage?

Many of the performers were new to sharing their acts, with lots of practice and commitment coming from every person who performed

Ethan was inspired to take the stage by his sister Caitlin and his friends.

“I’ve been singing and playing for two years now,” Ethan said. “But my friends gave me the energy to be comfortable on stage and do my thing.”

Having the courage to perform your act in front of an audience is difficult on its own.

“Honestly,” Ethan said, “it just takes a lot of practice. I thought it was going to be really nerve-wracking, but it was awesome seeing and hearing the crowd cheering and the support from them.”

Knowing your competition

Not much information was given to the competitors about the competition itself, or the individual acts. Ethan said he wasn’t sure how well he did compared to the others.

“I knew I did my song well, but I didn’t get to see everyone else’s since I was backstage,” he said. “I think I was mainly just excited to see the results!”

Next year to come

Overall, Ethan said, it was a neat experience, indicating a strong possibility that he’ll be back next year for another win.

“I would love to be in it again,” he said. “We’ll just have to see how it goes next year!”


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