Time waits for no man, especially Jaylen Tryon


LCU student Jaylen Tryon now holds the school record for the 800-meter run. The new mark of 1:50:27 (1:49.95 with conversion) was set during the Lone Star Conference Track & Field Championship in February. Jaylen is a junior Biology major from Midland, Texas. 

Jaylen’s reaction to setting the record says a lot about his approach to his sport: “Honestly, I saw it and didn’t think much about the time. It just kind of happened. I wasn’t expecting a brilliant performance.” 

Little did he know the race would be a time in his life remembered forever.

History in the making

Jaylen said he decided to come to school at LCU because his grandfather came here and competed in the same sport.

Jaylen’s success began in his junior year of high school. Not only was he successful individually, but so was his entire team. Jaylen says all of his high school teammates went on to run at the collegiate level and are still successful today. 

Jaylen stands on the podium after completing a race

Cultivating high performance

To achieve results, Jaylen works on what he struggles with most.

“I’m a sprint–based runner, and that means that I can go really fast, for a short amount of distance,” he said. “But my workouts really go hand-in-hand with strengthening what I struggle with, which is endurance.”

Jaylen is a humble man. He feels his hard work has paid off, and with that he shows gratitude and appreciation toward others.  

“My teammates, family and coaches have been an amazing support system,” he said. “I would not be where I am today without them.” 

The future

With this record-setting performance, Jaylen qualifies to compete at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships March 8-9. For updates, check the LCU Men’s Track & Field website.


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