The Stress and Love for Follies


Master Follies 2019 is over.

This year’s extravaganza involved a huge number of LCU students, especially those who are new social club members. Students were filled with stress for the week to practice their performances.

So we’re wondering, was it worth it? How did the show’s experience compare for someone who was a part of it versus someone who only watched the show? If you’re not currently in a club, should you join, knowing you have to participate?  

The Duster interviewed Samuel Fenton, a sophomore not involved in a club, plus Kenzi Turner, a freshman in Christliche Damen, Makenna Ford, a freshman in LOA, and Solomon Mulatu, a freshman in Sub T-16.

Master Follies from the inside

Those who participated in Follies agree that it’s a worthwhile experience.

“Being involved in Master Follies was a fun experience,” Solomon said. “Even though it took some time to practice and get all the lines that we were going to perform memorized, it was really fun to hang out with my club members, to practice and perform in front of a bunch of people.”

Makenna said the experience is tough, both mentally and physically. “But totally worth it!” she emphasized.

Kenzi agreed there is stress: “Master Follies was definitely worth it and by far very stressful with school and managing time. But it was something that I really enjoyed experiencing.”

Master Follies from the outside

As spectators, students enjoy the experience.

Nonclub student Samuel said, “I enjoyed watching people I knew get up on stage and goof off in their skits.”

CD member Kenzi said, “[It’s fun seeing] all the other clubs and being able to compete at a level that was friendly, [but]competitive. I loved watching other clubs and seeing what they brought to the table.”

The hardest part: Time

Makenna and Kenzi emphasized the stress of managing school and Follies. Both said that the long hours of practice affected getting homework done and getting enough sleep.

Unless you’re in Sub T-16, of course.

”Honestly,” Solomon said, “Follies practice wasn’t that hard. It might be because I’m in Sub-T, but the main part that I think is hard is memorizing the songs and lines and getting the choreography down. Other than that, it wasn’t that bad”

What about next year?

The Duster put the question directly: Will you participate in club next year?

LOA member Makenna said, “I will definitely be involved in a club next year, it is such a life changing experience. I absolutely love being a part of LOA … they have been so welcoming and loving through these sleep-deprived weeks. They ultimately have changed my life for the better.”

Sub T-er Solomon said, “You never know, but I plan on participating in my social club next year.”

CD member Kenzi said, “I’m very happy to be a part of something else … Christliche Damen means being Christ-like women, and I really enjoy being able to participate with other girls who love Jesus the way I do.”

And non-clubber Samuel?

“I definitely want to rush next semester,” Samuel said. “Clubs seem like a fun way to not only get to know other students, but to be more involved in activities on campus.”

To see a sampling of the Master Follies life, check out these pictures.


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