LCU Students Embrace the Opportunity of a Lifetime


A change of scenery. Different languages. Meeting new people. That’s what a group of LCU students recently experienced during the 2018 fall semester in Avila, Spain. 

Study abroad students attend class during the week, then have the option to travel on the weekends to different places in Europe. 

The Duster interviewed three students who were part of the fall 2018 cohort: Brittany Michaleson, junior Mass Communications major from Plains, Texas; Kami Stewart, sophomore Marketing and Digital Media Arts major from Grants, New Mex.; Jeremy Brown, junior Organizational Communications major from Lubbock. 

Pictured left to right:Calvin Dement, Brittany Michaelson, Madison Shields, Kami Stewart, Lydia Pruitt,  Jeremy Brown 

Duster: What was the most memorable part of studying abroad?

Brittany: I loved getting to adventure and experience new things on a weekly basis with friends I grew to be very close with. One of my favorite parts was meeting people from all around the world. Even though we were culturally different, many of the people I met went out of their way to show us love.

Kami: Meeting all the different people that lived there. Just talking to them and learning about how their culture is different than ours was really cool to me. I’ll never forget some of our conversations. 

Jeremy: The traveling. I loved getting to experience the many different cultures and attractions that we were able to visit while in Europe.

Is it hard balancing the school work with traveling and other activities? 

Brittany: Sadly, there’s still homework just like here in the states. But, with the lovely Spanish tradition of siesta, you can spend that time resting or catching up on your assignments. There wasn’t a time I didn’t get to go somewhere on a weekend or have fun because I was stuck doing schoolwork.

Kami: There were times that I would get a little frustrated or overwhelmed, but that happens here, too. The only difference is here I don’t get to fly to Paris that next weekend. It’s all definitely worth it. 

Jeremy: I would say that it was easier to balance time there because I didn’t have as many pressing responsibilities like I do here at home. I enjoyed the routine I had in Spain because I felt I could properly balance my schoolwork with the experience of traveling and living abroad.

What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about studying abroad?

Brittany: Stop thinking about it and do it! Do some fundraising, prepare yourself, and fully embrace the amazing culture and people of Spain when you get there.

Kami: Take that leap of faith and do it! Leaving LCU for a semester with 10 other students that I did not really know at all was pretty scary. Thankfully I went! Now I have traveled all around Europe and came back with lifelong friends! 

Jeremy: Try as hard as possible to study abroad. Save your money, set up a payment plan with LCU or something because studying abroad at a young age in college is a life-changing experience. I desperately urge everyone to do it, even if it means leaving your comfort zone. The experience is so rewarding and absolutely worth it in the end.

Take the leap!

To learn more about the LCU Spain program, contact Heather Howell at 

If you have already studied abroad, comment below with a memory you have or advice you would share. 

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