A Club in Crisis? “No way” says President


Is the future of one of LCU’s clubs at risk? A recent decline in members shows a potential problem for the men of Kyodai, but club members show more hope than the rumors suggest.

In an interview with Kyodai’s president Caleb Dansby, words of pride and positivity were used to describe the club’s status. There seemed to be no doubt about the future of Kyodai.

“Even though our numbers are down, we will stay with what we are rooted in. No matter how many we have, we will still have a common goal in mind,” said Caleb, a junior digital media arts/marketing major from Lubbock.

In other words, Kyodai will not let the outside noise get in the way of its brotherhood.

Kyodai brothers, new and old, pose for a picture after commitment week

New members, renewed confidence

After just completing a week of inducting new members, Caleb showed a lot of confidence in what he saw and their plans for the future.

“These nine guys are what we needed to keep going,” he said. “They respect what we want to do in the future. They respect our traditions and want to be a part of it.”

Caleb said that he would not have wanted it to happen any other way.

“We will continue to do what we can to stay,” he said, emphasizing that all that matters to them is the relationships they get to build with one another.

To Kyodai, the issue is not to grow in size, but to grow closer together.

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