Rushing Around


Rushing Around

By Brandon Dewberry

October 25, 2018

(LUBBOCK, TX) Another season of craziness is right around the corner here on campus at LCU. Beginning October 26 at three P.M., open rush is for all freshman and transfers alike. This is a great time to get to know people within club and uplift the chances of getting into these clubs.

Members of Koinonia talk to freshman at Open Rush

With four clubs to choose from on the guy’s side and four clubs to choose from on the girl’s side, there is a wide variety of personalities that will be encountered. The choices on the men’s side are Koinonia, Sub-T 16, Kyodai, and Alpha Chi Delta. Christliche Damen, Lambda Omega Alpha, Zeta Gamma, and Kappa Phi Kappa are the choices on the girl’s side. With each club containing around 40 members individually, these are staple parts of the university.

Rush is a perfect time to make friends, get involved, and find a club of liking. LCU is about community and here is exactly where to find it. Put the worries away, get out there, and have fun.

To sign up for rush, head to the student affairs office and seek out Abby White or Shirley Cope for any help. This is where all information regarding times, locations, and dates will be found out.


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