The Revitalization of Alpha Chi


The Revitalization of Alpha Chi

By Jeffrey Maciejewski

September 20, 2018

Old and new members gather together for Get Busy Bash 2018

(LUBBOCK) At Lubbock Christian University, Alpha Chi, a social club within the university has been recovering from a suspension that was put in place in 2016. Keegan Stewart a senior at LCU, also the President of Alpha Chi got to witness the downfall of Alpha Chi but also got the opportunity to restart the club in a positive outlook. Keegan and other seniors were also around when the club was disbanded. When asking the senior on the reasons, he said, “We were stuck in a loop of operating with a dysfunctional culture, with so many previous years of doing things the wrong way ultimately added up to having to pay the ultimate price of suspension.”

 Keegan understood that this was not the way Alpha Chi needed to be viewed from fellow classmates and alumni of the school as well. Keegan, who prayed during his rush process felt that he was being called to Alpha Chi through a couple of former seniors, “They were really intentional about building a relationship with me and that stood out.”  As Keegan got older, he thought about bringing Alpha Chi back. “We knew it was going to be a long process and require a lot of paperwork, but most importantly I knew that we needed to require different values and habits as a unit,” said Keegan. Along with Keegan, the returning members from the disbanded social club went through a series of meetings with the university and student affairs office. In under two months, Alpha Chi had been given permission to be reinstated at the school. In the social clubs first full academic year back, the club added 23 young men to help portray the new values of the social club. 

Members of Alpha Chi pose for a picture after a Master Follies victory

In a matter of a year, Alpha Chi quickly regained their hierarchy at the school’s most coveted time of Homecoming at Master Follies. In the 50th anniversary of the Social Club’s birth, the boys of old, and boys of new brought home another Master Follies victory against the clubs of Koinonia, Sub-T 16, and Kyodai in the most prized possession of the Social Clubs. Moving forward, Keegan now President of Alpha Chi hopes to build a strong foundation around the club, building upcoming presidents that can show the strong core values needed. Keegan closed by saying, “Alpha Chi has a lot of rich tradition in its history since 1968, it is my desire to see better things be added to that rich history.” The president is off and running in committing his time to the revitalization of Alpha Chi.


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