Bringing back the Brigade


By Brandon Dewberry

September 18, 2018

(LUBBOCK) With the start of a new school year comes the re-establishment of an old LCU tradition. After an anticipated return, the Chap Brigade is back. Coming along with them is the brand new organization, the Chap Wranglers.

The two organizations are used as a student led spirit group. They are there to help get the crowd into the game and help get fellow students into it as well.  Along with the LCU cheerleaders, the Chap Wranglers and Brigade are there to just bring energy. In Tyler Boyer’s opinion, “the craziness that will be brought with us is going to be top notch.”

Though they sound very similar, there are some big differences. To become a Chap Wrangler you must fill out an application and hold an interview after which you will

Abby White, Nolan Weaver, Tyler Boyer, Kendra Copenhaver, and Sondra Samaniego pose for a picture

be notified about if you got the position or not. This group of students are the ones who must attend at least 80 games and who get the free shirts. On the other hand, the Chap Brigade is something that any student can be in. For a spot in the Chap Brigade all you have to do is sign up and you are automatically in. People who join Chap Brigade can show up to any games that they want to go to instead of having to go to a certain amount.

For more information on how to join either one of these organizations talk to Abby White in Student Affairs.


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