Senior, Kelsi Smith, addresses students

By Brandon Dewberry 

September 6, 2018 

(LUBBOCK) On Thursday, August 23, LCU opened up the new school year with the first BLUR event. Josh Wheeler and Best Friends put on a performance and then Patrick Mead, an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, captivated the students with his message about “thin places with God”.  

In the world today, there never seems to be time where we can just stop and bask in God’s glory. We are always busy running errands, hanging with friends, doing homework, whatever it may be, that God just seems to fade into the background. Peace and serenity never seem to be found. It is in these thin places where all of God’s glory can be seen. Patrick went into great detail about different scientific facts and how they all tie in together with God’s presence in the world. He said that the thin places can be experienced in nature, a hospital room, and any place where time seems to be at a standstill. Find a place where God can be experienced in full. Spend time alone in His word so that these thin places can be revealed through the power of the Holy Spirit. In all that we do, we need to know that God is always fighting for us in the chaos.  

Junior, Tyler Boyer, listens intently to Patrick Mead

There will be plenty of other events like BLUR going on throughout the year on LCU’s campus. On Wednesday night you can head to the SUB and worship with students at ICC Devo. Join one of the different organizations for different ways to get involved in the community. Plenty of chances are presented at LCU for students to learn more about Christ and His power.  

For more information about the next BLUR and other events, announcements will be made in chapel and posted around campus.  


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