The Brigade is back!


Are you a dedicated Chaps fan? Do you feel like LCU needs more school spirit?

Do you have an insane amount of energy, but feel like you’d look crazy if you let it all out?

Could be the Chap Brigade is for you. This fall will mark five years since the Chap Brigade brought spirit to the games, and many believe it’s time to bring it back.

What exactly is the Chap Brigade? It’s  a student spirit committee that works to get the LCU crowd at games excited and amp up school spirit. The group will be helping out some with the cheerleaders as well as providing comic relief by making fun of the other team and the referees.

Any student can join this organization and there is no set number limit. However, the goal is to have  15-20 members. As part of the Chap Brigade, there will be five people called the Chap Wranglers who will lead the group. Wranglers will be required to attend 85 percent of the home games and will lead the brigade and the student section in chants and cheers. The brigade will attend most sporting events, including volleyball, basketball, soccer and baseball games.

Abby White,  student involvement coordinator in LCU Student Affairs, is the founder of the revitalized group. She wanted to bring back Chap Brigade because one common complaint she hears from students is the lack of school spirit. She believes it is time to make it happen again.

“A lot of students were interested in it, and if the students are behind it, then that’s the driving force,” she said.

So why should you join? If you’re someone who enjoys sports and loves making jokes and goofing around, then this is the group for you! Abby encourages people to join if they want to be a part of something new plus leave a legacy for future Chaps.

“If you’re going to the game, then you might as well enjoy it,” Abby said.

If you want to be a part of making LCU games even more fun, then pick up an application in the Student Affairs Office. Applicants will be required to create a chant or cheer and perform it in front of the Student Affairs team. Applications are due in the Student Affairs Office by Monday, April 23.


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