A Big Hit: Ghelber wins Home Run Derby 2018


The winners of the 2nd annual LCU Home Run Derby were Colby Darrow, Brett Ghelber (first place) and Izaiah Aragon.

The LCU Student Senate held its 2nd annual home run derby on April 20. Based on student feedback, it was a big hit this year.

Mariah Cannon, who is a Student Senate committee chair and will be vice president of Student Senate next year, said the Senate looked forward to the year’s event.

“This was an event that we hosted last year and it was very successful, so we wanted to capitalize on the previous success,” she said.

Brett Ghelber was the winner of the home run derby, hitting seven home runs. Brett is from Big Bear, Calif, where he played high school baseball. He was enthused by winning the derby and also by talking about baseball

“It was fun!” Brett said. “There is always a little competition between u s, but it was great to hang out and do something that I love to do.”

Mariah said turn out this year’s event was larger than last year’s.

“Last year we had around 50 and this year we had about 175. It was fun because we had frio pops and hot dogs,” she said. “I like this event so much because it caters to people that don’t go to many other events, so I really enjoy seeing more of the student body involved and participating.”

As the winner, Brett received a $50 gift card to the Nike store.

“I’m probably going to be buying some clothes” he said.


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