IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Why you should spend fall 2018 in Spain


LCU students Audrey Bradley and K’Leigh White pose with the town of Ávila, Spain, in the background during the fall 2016 semester.

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While most students are at college, their years are filled with growth, change, new experiences and unforgettable moments. Even though LCU’s Lubbock campus is a place that allows and encourages these events, there is a second home across the ocean that does just the same.

For two years now, LCU students have found a new home for a semester in Ávila, Spain. They have studied the language of Spanish where it originated, walked along medieval walls, spent weekends in Rome and London and fully immersed themselves in a new culture.

Why study abroad?

Sophomore Haylee Flournoy took place in the study abroad program in the fall of 2017. She shared how spending some time overseas affected her.

“I learned so much about myself and grew so much as a person,” she said. “It’s a scary thought but an amazing experience.”

LCU Global Campus director Heather Howell, who studied abroad while she was in college, shared why she believes students should join the program.

“Students should study abroad to get out of their comfort zones, explore the world, and make new friends – all while getting college class credit,” she said.

The town of Ávila, Spain

The idea of spending about three months away from the familiarity of Lubbock, family, and friends can be scary for some. For others, studying abroad sounds like a time of long-awaited freedom. The town of Ávila provides an opportunity for a mixture of an independent lifestyle and a place to belong.

Sophomore Kyle Greenhaw, who went to Spain during the same semester as Haylee, shared what he loved about Ávila.

LCU student Kaylee Storrs visited the Trevi Fountain in Rome during her semester in Spain.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the town. It reminded me a lot of small towns here in Texas,” he said. “Everyone knows everyone.”

Along with getting to study during the week in Ávila, weekends can be spent exploring the European countryside. Howell explained how easy it is to travel while in Spain.

“There are many beautiful cities you can visit in day trips from Ávila,” she said. “It is also a short train or bus ride from Madrid, and then you go just about anywhere.”

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