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When you first arrive here at LCU, one thing you hear over and over is “Get Involved.” As a freshman, it seems a very cliché and cheesy phrase. I remember thinking to myself, “Why do these people keep saying that? What do they mean by getting involved?”

As a junior, I completely understand, and I now catch myself saying the same thing to my friends. Following are some things I realized along the way.

Find your fit

My freshman year I wanted to be involved and meet people. But I didn’t know where to begin. I remember signing up in the SUB for all the clubs. This included the Pre-Vet club and the Agriculture club, even though both had nothing to do with  my major. These clubs were great, but I felt very out of place.

Now, I wish I had learned sooner about the great organizations I’m currently part of, because they have made all the difference in my time here at LCU. Student Senate, Choir, Honors, my social club, being a resident assistant, and more, have enriched these past three years.

If I were not involved in these organizations, I would have not been able to meet all the amazing people this campus holds.

Don’t give up

You may be thinking, “Those all sound great, but I don’t see something that catches my eye.”

There’s more: Business Connect, International Student Association, To Write Love On Her Arms, Minority Student Alliance, Pre-Health Club, Student Art Education Association and the Behavioral Science Society are just a few groups that are waiting for you to join. Although this is a small campus, it provides countless ways to be plugged in.

Get up and go

Being in several organizations isn’t the only way you can be involved. Just going to the events that are constantly happening on our campus is a way to meet people you would have never met otherwise.

Going to the sporting events, watching or playing intramurals, or just hanging out at Starbucks are simple things that will enhance your time here. Wednesday Night Devo at the SUB is another way you can truly experience the community that you constantly hear about.

Binge watching Netflix alone is fun, but that’s not what you’re going to remember about college years from now. LCU is filled with some of the friendliest and genuine people, so take these four, three, two years or even your last semester and go out and experience college!

An easy way to see what is happening around campus is the Chaap App.


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