My take on BLUR this semester


A few things were different with this semester’s BLUR, which was conducted on March 1.

  • It was in a totally different location this year. Instead of being in the Moody, BLUR was held in the rotunda of the Cardwell Welcome Center.
  • Since there aren’t chairs in the welcome center, everyone had to sit on the floor. It was pretty packed, so we were sitting close to each other.
  • It was completely dark inside the Welcome Center, so dark that the speaker couldn’t see what he was reading without a flashlight.

These changes gave the entire event a different feeling, one that was more intense and down to earth since we were so close to each other.

The speaker, Gary Head from Broadway Church of Christ, had a very interesting story. I normally stay on my phone during BLUR and play games, but this time I was so captivated by what he had to say that I never touched my phone.

I was truly happy that I went to this BLUR, not just because I got to hang out with friends, but because I felt like I personally needed to go. I love seeing all of the LCU students and staff show up and support the BLUR committee and also the LCU Student Senate. While it’s true that it’s nice to get an extra chapel credit, BLUR is always something to look forward to because it is spiritually renewing.

That’s my take on BLUR.



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