Do you have what it takes? Chap Tank deadline is Feb. 28


To apply, pick up an application in the LCU Business Office in the Administration building and submit it by Feb. 28. Applicants will be assigned a mentor to help them work on their ideas until it is time to present.

Have you ever had an idea so great that you couldn’t help but share it with people? Well, now you can, by entering this year’s Chap Tank competition at LCU.

Chap Tank is the closest thing that you’ll find to the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” Surrounded by a panel of judges and spectators, LCU students on April 10 will present their brilliant ideas, for a shot at a $1,000 grand prize.

Started only three years ago, LCU’s Chap Tank grew rapidly into a fun and exciting way for LCU students to showcase their inventions. Whether it is a phone case or a smart wallet or a new business venture, many clever ideas get presented every year.

Zach Link, a former LCU student currently attending Texas Tech, won the competition last year with his credit-card sleeve invention. This product is a sleek, slim plastic sleeve that protects cards from identity theft. It is customizable so that companies can print their logos on the sleeves.

One of last year’s judges liked the product so much he invested in hundreds of them to use at the bank he worked for.

Students and faculty alike seem to love the event. In addition to the LCU community, people of all ages from around Lubbock flock to the Baker Conference Center to partake in this new tradition

“Chap Tank is a great thing — it gives students a chance to show what they’ve got,” said Skyler Richardson, a sophomore from Ropesville, Texas.


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