Is Master Follies worth it?


Campus is taken over for an entire month. Classes are skipped. Tests are moved. Students are sick. Alumni come from all over to watch a two-hour show full of college students singing and dancing to silly songs.

I only have one question: Is it worth it?

Spending the last few days frantically trying to do all of my homework that has piled up has made me wonder. Why do we give up every night for an entire month for six minutes on stage? And for some clubs, we do this only to lose.

Brittany Michaleson, Skyler Richardson and Madi Wright directed Kappa Phi Kappa’s “A League of Our Own,” show for Master Follies 2018.

Being a director for the Kappa Phi Kappa Master Follies show has put me through a roller coaster of emotions. Getting back to classes this week has been interesting. On one hand I’ve been relieved to have my free time back; on the other, I miss my best friends.

Despite the long hours, stressful nights, and tears shed – and even though winners only get bragging rights – Master Follies is still definitely worth it.

For those of us that leave high school after playing sports or competing in some way for the majority of our lives, the transition to college can be difficult. Other than intramurals, we have no competitions. Master Follies gives us this opportunity.

This show gives students an avenue to become passionate and proud about something they have worked hard for. After weeks of pouring your heart into a show, the feeling of finally performing onstage is indescribable.

Not only does performing in front of a packed audience make Follies worthwhile, but also so do the people you are performing with. The fifty girls I had the privilege of directing became my family. We supported each other, encouraged each other, and got each other through one of the hardest months of the year at LCU.

Through many practices and putting the show together, I grew as a leader in my club and as a person in general. The girls I led, along with my fellow directors Madi Wright and Skyler Richardson, helped me grow in my confidence and showed me that I should believe in my abilities.

Despite our loss, they continuously told me how much fun they had doing the show, and that they had fallen in love with it. The pride I have in knowing I was a part of Kappa Phi Kappa’s “A League of Our Own,” makes Master Follies, and all that comes with it, worth it.

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  1. Brittany Michaleson,
    You did a great job being relate able to the student body. I was never in a club. I have been to many shows and I wondered if people really felt like their time doing this mattered . Thank you for being real so much of reporting is just restating the options that others expect you to have.

  2. Brandon Dewberry on

    I definitely think that Master Follies is worth it. Of course, that month of practicing for three hours every night is grueling, but it all pays off. Win or lose. It is a true bonding experience for everyone within a club. Good article!

  3. I 100% think it’s worth it! It’s one of the best experiences at LCU and even if the results are disappointing, I’m going to have the memories forever !

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