Master Follies 2018: ‘And the winners are … ‘


Another year of Master Follies has come to an end.

The postal delivery men of Alpha Chi Delta took first place in the men’s division of Master Follies 2018. Show directors were Slade Terry and Connor Morgan.

In their first year back, the men of Alpha Chi Delta walked in as postal delivery men and walked out with the grand prize in the men’s division. The ladies, or rather mice, of Christliche Damen scored first place in the women’s division.

Also in the men’s division, the pizza deliverers of Koinonia took second place. Kyodai ghosts took third and the Sub-T cavemen came in at fourth place.

Completing the women’s division, the Dalmatians of Zeta Gamma took second place. The judges placed Kappa Phi Kappa in third with its baseball player show and Lambda Omega Alpha’s tacky tourists in fourth.

In other award categories, Kappa came away with the Spirit of Follies while Christliche Damen was awarded People’s Choice. Zeta Gamma women won the Special Effects award with their show’s amazing lighting and visual aids.

The mice of Christliche Damen pose with their 1st place women’s division and People’s Choice awards from Master Follies 2018. Show directors were Kaitlyn Braddock, Mikeilah Foust and Rachel Shaffer.

Mariah Cannon, a sophomore from Mansfield, Texas, and member of Christliche Damen, was altogether thrilled about the win.

“During the practice process of Follies,” Cannon said, “you’re so tired, and sometimes question whether it’s worth it or not.”

But the grueling practices paid off for her and the other CDs.

“Winning was such an awesome feeling! You’ve worked for a month on this show and having it pay off in that way was really special,” she said.

CD’s first-place finish this year came after a second-place finish in Master Follies 2017.

Keegan Stewart, a junior from Grants, N.M., and Alpha Chi president, had nothing but praise for his club, which didn’t get to compete in last year’s Master Follies.

“We’re thrilled to win,” said Stewart. “It’s been a lot of fun getting to bond and come together with our 23 new guys.”

Amid the winning, Keegan gave respect to the other clubs.

“We were very proud of our show, but the other clubs’ shows were incredible. This was a great year for Follies,” he said.


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