6 library ‘secrets’ that can make your life easier


The “Spirit of Independence” sculpture (aka, John Wayne’s head) watches over students studying in the Pioneer Gallery of the LCU Library.

The LCU Library is a place that every LCU student knows about. However, there are some less known features that might benefit you.

LCU sophomore Destiny Carr works in the library and thinks it has a lot more to offer than people realize.

“It has great opportunities to [do]hands-on work together as well as studying together,”-she said.

Check out the “secrets” listed below on your next visit to see how they enhance your academic experience.

1. The Stacks: Many of us know that the library can sometimes be more of a social gathering place rather than a place for studying. The Stacks could save you some frustration. If you go into the very back room and keep walking towards the left, you’ll find them. There are three floors of shelves full of books. Don’t be fooled though, because hidden in the nooks and cranniess are desks with power outlets perfect for quiet studying.

2. The LCU Writing Center: The writing center is a place where students can go to receive help from fellow students in improving their papers. It is a very helpful and, most importantly, free resource. You’to schedule an appointment by either visiting the writing center at the back of the library or by sending an email to Jana Anderson.

3. Group Project Center: The group project center is located at the far left of the library. It’s perfect for working with other students because it provides a large open space along with a big-screenTV so that everyone can see the work happening. To reserve it, go to the library front desk.

4. Whiteboards: Have you noticed all the white boards placed around the library? You can use them for a complicated math problem that’s too big for paper, or (if you’re a nursing major) for a group study session in advance of Dr. Laughlin’s next test, or (if you’re an education major) to practicing teaching a lesson.

You’ll need markers, of course. Simply go to the library front desk and they’ll provide a set in exchange for your school ID.

5. The big head: Our library is not like any other university library. Why you ask? Because our library includes an abnormally large John Wayne face statue. If you are worried about the big test you are studying for, fear not, John Wayne is here to help. Just touch the statue and you will have good luck on your test.

6. The library online: While the physical place is nice, sometimes you’d rather be somewhere else. And the LCU library helps with that, too. There are a wealth of research resources available at your fingertips at the library website, including a helpful chat feature available during library hours.

The library is open at these times:

Monday – Thursday

7:45 am – Midnight

Friday 7:45 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm – Midnight





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  1. Deborah Williamson on

    I enjoyed reading your article, Kendra. This is my second semester here at LCU and you can always find me at the Library between classes. Everyone there is so nice and so very helpful. Because I am a non-traditional transfer student, I was not used to the APA style of writing and citing. The writing center is definitely the place to go. Yes, there are some areas of the Library that students use for socializing, but if you walk around or ask, there are quiet places to study there.

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