How to survive Master Follies


Master Follies. A time of craziness among all social clubs at LCU. A time when LCU students lose sleep, study time, and maybe a little bit of sanity.

Even through all the fun, you have to make sure that you keep yourself away from sickness. I spoke to three upper-class students who gave me certain strategies to make sure you’ll remain healthy.

Stephen Rodriguez, a senior and former Koinonia Master Follies director, kept it very simple. He said that the greatest thing for someone to do is to spend some time alone.

“Spend a little bit of time reading the Word,” he said. “Getting into scripture always helps with stressful times.”

Keegan Stewart, a junior and the current Alpha Chi president, had plenty to say about how to get through Master Follies. His main tip: Have fun. Without fun it can turn the group against each other, which is exactly what you do not want.

“Having fun is the best tactic. When you’re with a group of people that you like being around during practice, it really is more like hanging out with friends than it is trying to make a show.”

Keegan said having fun during practice can also translate to a winning show, which happened for Alpha Chi in 2016. It also translated to a win for Koinonia in 2017.

Emily Beaulieu, a former Christliche Damen Master Follies director, also kept it short and sweet: “Don’t  sweat the small stuff,” she said. “If you focus too much on the things like diction, choreography and Follies faces, the show can become very difficult.”

Her two other tips are also crucial: Don’t forget to sleep, and make sure to drink plenty of water. With how late you stay up for practices, she said, getting sleep is the most important thing on the list.

Master Follies will be Feb. 9 and 10.  LCU is marking its 60th year of production with the theme, “Can’t Stop This Feeling.” To purchase tickets, go to the LCU website and click the “Master Follies” banner.


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