Not As Many Changes In The Seasons


The rumor is back. Once again there is word around campus that next year a change will be made to a full week off for Thanksgiving break, replacing the current two half-weeks for fall break and Thanksgiving. I was initially excited when I heard of this change but hadn’t heard it from any authoritative sources.

I wanted to know the truth, so I decided to investigate. I contacted Randal Dement, the vice president of Student Affairs, to discuss the decision. He firmly stated that there “are currently no plans to change Fall break.” So that clears up all rumors. However, if the university ever considers giving the entire week of Thanksgiving off for students, I think it would provide multiple benefits:

· Students like myself who are from decent distances away spend a great deal of time weighing whether the trip home is worth such a short amount of time there. I usually either skip one of the breaks or find a way to go home for the whole week of Thanksgiving anyway.

· It also allows students to only have to be disengaged with school for one week. When there is both a Fall Break and a Thanksgiving Break, it doesn’t give students enough time to not have to focus on school. It’s feels like just a long weekend and it takes longer to get back into it the following Monday.

· It also puts a lot of stress on professors, who usually end up cancelling the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving anyway. Nolan Weaver, a junior from Lubbock, agrees because he would “like to spend more time with

[his]family,” It cuts down on half of the travel time if students only have to travel back and forth once. Sophomore Grayson Drake, also from Lubbock, however, disagrees for different reasons: “100% whole week for Thanksgiving. Fall Break is terrible for people without Friday classes and it’s at a really random time … . None of my friends outside of LCU have a Fall Break.”

On the other side is Bella Sifuentes, a sophomore from El Paso: “I’d rather keep Fall break and keep the dorms open for Thanksgiving. It’s more convenient for me to go home at Fall break but Thanksgiving is awkward because it’s two weeks before finals … . It makes it hard for those who live far away, and it can put a lot of stress on a student.”

Since every student’s situation is different it’s never easy to schedule breaks. Obviously, not everyone can have their preference and LCU overall does a very good job of trying to provide accommodations for everyone possible. Everything about this school made moving six hours away from home worth it. Though nothing is planned to change in the near future, we never know what could happen! Think about your ideal schedule and write us a comment!


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