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Here at Lubbock Christian University we have our very own student run radio station. That mean any students can be on the radio… You can have a voice around campus radio, you and your friends can make your own show. On 99.1 Chap radio station is the voice on the sound waves for Lubbock Christian University. Dr. Shawn Hughes is the professor that is over the stations making sure everything runs smoothly, Jaycee Sessums, the Student Station Manager watches over the shows and segments to be sure they’re done correctly, but the students are the ones who are behind the scenes running it. The students create the shows and set up the music that will run during the shows and during the times when no one is there.

While working on the radio the students are able to learn many new things. They work on creating a playlist of the songs they’re going to play during their segment. A flow has to be created so that the show will run smoothly. The flow consists of news topics from here in Lubbock, to any current entertainment topics. In order to make the flow work they have to pick topics that their listener are interested in and music that the audience will enjoy. The students learn how to work a soundboard and how to feel comfortable talking on the radio. Some students do shows by themselves and others have cohosts. Having a cohost could be easier because you’re able to bounce conversations off each other, other do very well keeping the conversation going on their own.

You have many options for shows to listen to right now.

  • “Musical Mondays” at 3pm with Ryan Counts. The show includes and current news on Broadway Musicals and any musical hits.
  • “Haiden and Chris in the Morning” every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am. This show is about any current events news and entertainment wise and any current popular music you may enjoy listening to.
  • Christopher Morgan talk show on Friday.

If you have an interest in creating your own radio show get in touch with Shawn Hughes: You don’t have to have any special talents or skills. You don’t have to already know what you’re doing because you’ll learn as you go. Remember to listen to your local Chaps at


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